Certified Nurse Anesthetist – Salary, Duties, Job description & Tips to Become Certified Nurse Anesthetist

Working as a certified nurse anesthetist, you will help make surgical procedures, and other procedures, as close to pain free as possible for those who are undergoing the procedure. From infrared light therapy to using traditional anesthesia to help numb the patients, or put them to sleep, there are different methods of assisting patients, so they are more comfortable and prepared for a procedure. The use of red light therapy for horses, is one option that can be used, when administering and preparing for a procedure.

Certified Nurse Anesthetist Salary

Early on in your career as a certified nurse anesthetist, you can expect to earn $75,000 to $80,000. For those who have been in the field for some time, the median salary across the US is quite high, coming in at about $125,000, but this does require some time in the field, prior to earning a higher salary.

Certified Nurse Anesthetist Duties

As a certified nurse anesthetist you will:

  • Help create a more comfortable scenario for patients who are undergoing a procedure.
  • Work with patients and prepare them for their procedure.
  • Work with doctors, nurses, and surgeons, to discuss the types of anesthesia to use for a procedure.
  • Discuss with patients the procedure, and what you will be doing to prepare them for it.
  • Depending on the procedure and the patient, the techniques and methods that are to be used, will vary, and will be administered based on the type of procedure they will undergo.

Certified Nurse Anesthetist Job Characteristics

In order to work as a certified nurse anesthetist, one must:

  • Work well under pressure and in positions where they have to think and act quickly.
  • Work for several hours on end, and be able to work non traditional hours in a procedure.
  • Be able to watch over patients and the surgery, to ensure the anesthesia lasts during the course of the procedure.
  • Keep families updated, and discuss the procedure with families while the patient is in surgery or recovery.
  • Have the ability to work well on a team, as they will be working in a fast paced environment, and will continually do different tasks for a surgeon during any one procedure.

How to become a certified nurse anesthetist:

On your path to becoming a certified nurse anesthetist, you will:

  • Receive your bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  • Becoming licensed as a registered nurse.
  • Having a minimum of one year acute care experience (ER or ICU).
  • And successful completion of a nurse anesthesia educational program as well as the certification exam in your state.

Requirements for passing the exam will vary in each state, but you do have to meet the minimal pass rate, in order to be able to work in the field, and work in a surgical setting. Educational programs for certified nurse anesthetists are available, and ongoing educational courses are also required in most states. Knowing what is required in your state, and how often you have to update your license, are some things to be aware of, if you choose to become a certified nurse anesthetist.

Certified Nurse Anesthetist Programs

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