Certified Nurse Midwife – Duties, Salary, Career Path, & Programs.

Working as a certified nurse midwife, is a specialty field, and it is going to require you to attain a higher level of training, higher degree levels, and completed licensing and certification exams, in order to be able to work in this field. It will take some time to reach the highest levels, but you can earn a fairly high salary in the field, and with more time in the industry, you are going to earn higher pay over the years.

Certified Nurse Midwife Duties

As a certified nurse midwife, you main duties are:

  • Assist women, during all phases of their pregnancy, and especially during the delivery.
  • Work with women, keep up with testing, checking their vitals, and similar tasks.
  • Assist with the actual childbirth, as well as post birth, and care for the mother, and the child.
  • Work closely with gynecologists, in order to diagnose and treat women with chronic, or other serious conditions, during their pregnancy, so that they can have the healthiest possible pregnancy, and deliver a healthy baby.

Certified Nurse Midwife job characteristics

In this field, working as a certified nurse midwife, you must be:

  • Someone who can work around the clock, think quickly, and can answer a call when it is needed.
  • Work closely with the women you are caring for, gynecologists, medical doctors, and other professionals the women are going to visit during their pregnancy.
  • Create a comfortable environment through all stages of the pregnancy, especially during and post pregnancy.
  • Work closely with the family, and anyone else who is involved with the pregnancy, to ensure a healthy delivery.
  • Ability to think quickly, in the event the child has to be delivered early, or in the event other medical professionals have to be called during the pregnancy, to ensure the child’s and the mother’s healthy.

Certified Nurse Midwife Average salary

As a certified nurse midwife, starting salary in this position is around $70,000, and can reach up as high as $85,000. Depending on the amount of time you have been working, how often you work, and the type of patients you work with, of course salary can vary slightly in this range, and a little above or below the average range as well.

Certified Nurse Midwife Career Path

In order to become a certified nurse midwife you will:

  • Receive a bachelor’s degree in sciences.
  • Receive specialty training as a registered nurse (nursing midwifery).
  • Receive your master’s degree in this specialty training field.
  • Become certified as a midwife.
  • Receive continual training, in order to keep training up to date, and pass necessary exams, as administered, in order to keep your license up to date if required in your state.

Becoming a certified nurse midwife is going to take the same amount of schooling and work, and you must receive the specialty training. But, in certain states you might be required to do more, keep up with continual training, and keep up with the latest changes and updates in care, so you must know what is required in your particular state to work in the field.

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Certified Nurse Midwife Programs

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