How to become a Veterinary Nurse?

If you want to become a veterinary nurse, you have to take the necessary steps, from schooling all the way through training and landing your dream job. Knowing the minimum requirements is the starting point to your career as a veterinary nurse.

Veterinary nurse duties

Working as a veterinary nurse there are the duties you will be performing:

  • Cleaning out kennels for animals in the facility.
  • Feeding and treating animals at the facility.
  • Cleaning and treating wounded animals.
  • Helping with injections and medical treatment.
  • Providing prescriptions directions for the owners, so they know how to take care of their pets after treatment.

 Veterinary nurse job characteristics

Some of the characteristics you should have to become a veterinary nurse:

  • Being friendly, outgoing, and someone that is easy to speak to.
  • Having the ability to work well around all animals, and any illness they might come in with.
  • Talking to owners to find out what the problems are, and what forms of treatment might already have taken place.
  • Being able to work well with others, so that you can properly treat and care for the animals in the kennel.
  • Begin able to think quickly and work at a fast pace, so that you can do the necessary work if it is an emergency.
  • Being able to work on your feet for several hours at a time, and work non conventional shift hours, depending on the facility that you work with, and what kind of work you do at the kennel that you work at.

Veterinary nurse average salary

how to become a Veterinary nurse?

How to become a Veterinary nurse?

As a veterinary nursing professional the average salary for those who are just starting out will be around $31,000; for those who have been in the field for a few years, you can expect to earn $50,000 and up based on experience, expertise, and where you work as a veterinary nursing professional.

How to become a Veterinary nurse

In order to become a veterinary nurse and receive the credentials for a career in veterinary nursing you must:

  • You have two choices which are either vocational training or going through higher educational training courses.
  • Receive a level 3 degree in veterinary nursing and take required courses at the institution you choose to attend.
  • You can also receive a degree in veterinary nursing, which will take a little longer; you will take the traditional route to your BA, and will find more available opportunities for work.
  • You can then choose to become licensed, and must pass the licensing exam, if you choose to further your career and work at a higher level position.