Vocational Nurse

As a vocational nurse, there are several tasks you are going to be involved with in terms of patient care and administering the care to your patients.

For this reason, it is important that you undergo the proper training, and do the right things on your path to this career, if you want to excel, and if you want to earn the highest profit margins in this career, or possibly move on to a higher position over a period of time.


Vocational Nurse Duties

A vocational nurse duties include:

  • Gathering patient information.
  • Bringing patients in, and finding out about their health status and why they are visiting the hospital.
  • Monitoring the patients and their vital signs.
  • Discussing changes and monitor patients for the time they are under care.
  • Inform physicians, surgeons, and other doctors you work with of any changes or important updates with the patients that you are entrusted with taking care of during your shifts.

Vocational nurse

Vocational Nurse job characteristics

In order to work as a vocational nurse, you must:

  • Work quickly on your feet and have the ability to retain information about several patients at once.
  • Work well with other nurses and several doctors, in order to care for patients.
  • Work on rotating shifts, and non normal business hours.
  • Have the ability to communicate well with the patients, and any updates to their family as it is necessary.
  • Having the ability to monitor patients, and communicate openly; build trust to ensure patients are 100% honest and forthcoming with you.


Vocational Nurse Salary

The average salary that you can expect to earn as a licensed vocational nurse when you just start out is about $45,000. Of course, as time passes, as with other nursing careers, you will earn more the more experienced you become, and the more time you have worked in the field, so continual improvement, licensing, and more time in the field are all factors which have an effect on your salary.


How to become a vocational nurse

On your path to becoming a vocational nurse you will:

  • Complete a degree program, either AA or BA level.
  • Work as an RN to learn individual tasks and care.
  • Receive your licensing to work as a vocational nurse through the state and national licensing boards.
  • Work on a master’s level program (optional) for specialty care.
  • Receive continual education courses and training, and continually update your license as it is required by your state and in certain areas of care by the employer that you work with as well.

Depending on the type of license you receive, and whether or not you choose to specialize in a career, your path to becoming a vocational nurse is similar to other nursing careers, but may require a little more (or less) time, depending on whether or not you choose to specialize. With many openings and the need for nursing professionals, a career as a vocational nurse is a great one to consider if you want to work in medical field.

Vocational Nursing Schools

Vocational Nursing Schools coming soon.